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icons and graphics by mancalahour

Icons and Graphics by mancalahour
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This is the icon journal for mancalahour. All posts are open to the public, no friends locked entries here :D.

General rules for using my graphics are as follows:

oo1. Nobody likes a hotlinker!

oo2. Everyone likes a commenter! Please comment when you like something, it inspires me to open Photoshop more often.

oo3. Credit is not mandatory, but it is welcomed and appreciated!

oo4. Don't claim as your own. That's just silly. If you want to know how I've made something so you can try it on your own, just ask me!

oo5. Friend me if you like what you see!

oo6. If you'd like to affiliate with this journal, just comment to any entry and let me know!

oo7. Enjoy!

FANDOMS: Doctor Who, Merlin, Skins, The West Wing, Bones, White Collar, Being Human (and many more! See interests.)

PRIMARY SHIPS: Tenth Doctor/Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Arthur/Guinevere (Merlin), Chris/Jal (Skins), Rich/Grace (Skins), Booth/Brennan (Bones), Josh/Donna (The West Wing)

CURRENT CONTESTS: camelot_rumble, docwholand, smith_n_jones, thefuturequeen, ic0nfest

AFFILIATES: freemurmurs

*To become an affiliate, please comment on any post.

All graphics are, of course, free of charge. Donors are free to request graphics at any time! ♥